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Network Data Systems (NDS) was founded in 1986 by Nick Mathes and Marvin Mathes. Having worked for other technology companies during the early developmental years of the computer industry, Nick Mathes and Marvin Mathes collaborated on ways to improve the industry. NDS began by creating custom written software applications and computer networking solutions. As our customers needs evolved over the years, NDS has adjusted its business model to meet their needs while concentrating on offering exceptional customer service.


As the computer industry matured, NDS shifted its focus to designing and implementing local and wide area network connectivity solutions, infrastructure design and implementation, and wireless solutions as backbones for companies of all sizes.  NDS’ expertise is these areas created a demand, from not only Fortune 500 companies, but other technology providers as well.


With decades of experience in implementing solutions for companies of all types and sizes, NDS saw a need to offer its products and services in a way that was not only comprehensive, but also affordable for virtually any-sized business.  That became the vision behind Netstream.  The NDS/Netstream "Networking On A Budget” concept is a unique solution that takes the IT firepower commonly required by major corporations and makes it accessible to companies of all sizes.

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